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Thousands of hours of have been spent researching our Due Diligence Reports. The information has been gathered from numerous sources and every effort has been made to credit them wherever possible.

These reports are for educational purposes only.

Remember to do your own due diligence and risk assessment before embarking on any strategy or restructuring plan.

-- The Research Team

Death and Taxes -- Inevitable?
by E Schaub (06/27/2000)
Millions of people in North America and in other 'western' countries are not filing or paying income taxes. Many have even won in court. Others have not. Some are simply ignored while authorities target someone else - why?. We look at the various strategies people are employing and evaluate the legality and risk associated with each. Knowing the law and taking a stand in a respectful way seems to work better than anything else. We have case histories and arguments from both sides. There is no guarantee that you won't become a target, but this report may help you evaluate the benefits, risks, and costs of implementing a de-tax strategy. US, Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand.
Global Village Idiot's Guide
by E Schaub (09/21/2000)
As we progress towards the 'global village' the trends are leading us to an ever-increasing centralized form of world government. This report takes a look at the challenges facing the 'individual' upon whose life, privacy, labours, and property global policies and 'statutes' prey as common practice. What tools can be used and what initiatives can we take to ensure Freedom reigns in the global village? If the price of the global village ends up being the loss of the myriads of unique villages around the world, would it have been worth it? The New World Order is coming together rapidly. The United Nations, International Monetary Fund, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, World Trade Organization, and World Court are the pillars of this emerging central government and the price is the sovereignty of its members and the banishment of all others from the trade, capital, and protection they control. We draw upon the wisdom of renowned speakers and statesman/women and look at the history, the people, the economy and the law. We look at the progress of the front-liners of various global movements from all sides of the spectrum. Freedom, mutual respect for life and property, self-governance and self-responsibility above government -- such are the grass-roots movements among the people. Human rights vs. civil rights - what recourse has the individual in the global village? Proceeds from this report will help to further the stand for freedom for all people and promote the initiatives and activism that support that goal.
HYIP or Hype - Bank Trading Unmasked
by E Schaub (06/27/2000)
How do 'High-Yield Investment Programs' work? Are they for real? Sometimes the hype is more than the HYIP. Learn how to best assess your risks. The marketplace is filled with scamsters and wanna-be 'traders' - learn what to look for. Checklists for evaluating potential HYIPs. Common traps and deal-breakers exposed. High risk with high returns for the risky player. A few succeed -- most learn an expensive lesson along the way (much more than the price for this report). This report is a valuble addition to any risk management strategy.
Liberty Tree
by E Schaub (03/29/2006)
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Offshore Traps
by E Schaub (06/27/2000)
People buying limited time special offers on offshore entities like trusts, international business corporations (IBCs), limited liability companies (LLCs), and foundations may find that jumping in too quickly will result in having to restructure again very shortly thereafter. Can a $200 trust protect a $200,000 house? Can a $1,000 IBC protect $50,000 in revenues? Will an offshore debit card give me enough privacy to use anywhere? The truth may surprise you. Learn both sides to the story. These instruments, when formed and managed properly, have been used successfully by the wealthy for centuries, but in the hands of neophytes, these structures are no good if you don't know how to properly manage them. Save yourself a few thousand bucks, and buy this report.