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RMS01 - Retail Management Systems

Contact:David Murphy
Merchant RMS is a state of the art POS, Back Office and Home Office system that sets the standards for for today's successful merchants.

Based on Microsoft languages and databases and utilizing the power of the Windows operating environment, Merchant RMS is not just easy to learn and easy to use, but is priced to make it affordable for any retailer. Furthermore, because it's Windows, you can utilize other Windows software such as word processors and spreadsheets on the same machines.

Merchant RMS is ideal for any type of specialty retailer of both hard goods or soft goods. Whether your specialty is apparel, jewelry, electronics, giftware, or general merchandise, you will be able to monitor operations, identify what is selling and make better buying decisions all based upon the accurate and timely information provided by Merchant RMS.

The simplicity and power offered in the POS module allows Merchant RMS to provide retailers with even the most demanding POS requirements, an array of powerful features. Whether its layaways, special orders, or repairs you need to process, Merchant RMS allows you to manage these functions with ease.

The Back Office module also incorporates the philosophy of simplicity and power. You can set up your inventory structure in as general or as specific a manner as you feel is necessary to provide accurate and detailed inventory control (including color and size matrix). Management reporting provides an array of parameters to allow you to extract only the information you need to see.

Merchant RMS is scaleable from single store operations requiring complete solutions to the largest retail chains requiring a POS front end to their Home Office merchandising systems. Automated processes in the Corporate Communications module keep the databases in remote locations synchronized with the Home Office. An internet option is also available to handle communications with remote locations.


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