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Direcway 2-way Satellite Internet service is now available in Roatan and the Bay Islands of Honduras. Service is now available in Roatan, Utila, Guanaja, and other remote locations. We have recently returned from Roatan, Honduras where we have been installing several 1.2 meter Direcway satellite dishes. Using the new DW7000 modem (or the older DW6000 modem), the Direcway 2-way Satellite Internet system connects to the internet at around 1000K download and 150K upload. More bandwidth at faster speeds is available for an increased monthly fee.

Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja are known as the Bay Islands. Just north of the mainland of Honduras, the Bay Islands host some of the most adventerous terrain in the Caribbean. Roatan is the most populated and developed. Utila has not changed much since the days Robinson Crusoe found himself shipwrecked there for 20 years, and Guanaja is like an undeveloped Hawaiian island -- it's the only island with a waterfall and river. Life here is an adventure. Even so, Direcway satellite internet signal strength is very good with a 1.2 meter dish, although a 1.8 meter dish will be more reliable in rainy weather.

We have also been utilizing a few different Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions for making and receiving long distance phone calls via your satellite internet connection. Calls to the US and Canada range from 1-5 cents per minute. There is some delay due to satellite latency, but the connection is clear without dropping out. It's cheap and reliable -- it's certainly better than having no phone at all or making long distance calls via Hondutel.

Here's a quote for the minimum needed for Roatan:

1.2 meter dish with DW7000 modem and 2-watt transmitter: $2875
Dish is shipped to San Pedro Sula -- client is responsible for shipping to site
Price includes installation but extra travel expense may apply to some locations
The client is responsible for making the cement post to mount the dish
Cement mount can be built by customer or we can do it for $400
Activation fee: $75
Monthly airtime fee, $89/mo Small Office service: 1000K download, 200K upload, fixed IP.
More bandwidth available.

Direcway is also available in Puerto Cortes, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, the Bay Islands and other remote areas in
Honduras. Contact us for availability in your area.

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