Service Centre: Information Technology, Telecommunications customizes solutions for peak performance in a dynamic and ever-expanding workplace. Yes, we build web sites, private and public, but our specialty is Process Design and IT Integration. Taking a holistic approach to organizational management, we promote the life and health of the company as well as the bottom-line. We offer a wide variety of business services - check out our Service Catalogue. We will tailor any of our specialty applications to suit your business, including:

Billing and Reconciliation Services:
Large companies with millions of dollars in telecom and other corporate expenses can recover millions with the Telemanage TIIM service. We identify fraud, over-billing, tariff violations, exception reporting, usage statistics, missing equipment, unused services, and more. TIIM pays for itself in the first run, and keeps those costs down from there on.

Process Design and Integration:
The bulk of what we do is help businesses map their company's processes and identify redundancies, bottlenecks, and breakdowns in order to promote and facilitate seamless process flow. Working with the way you already do business, we will optimize business processes and integrate the systems developed to support those processes. It should be the foundation of any new systems development work.

Executive Reporting Services:
Our CEO-in-a-Box applications promote real-time reporting to company executives bringing it all home in a language understandable to key stakeholders and alliance partners. It gives investors the chance to see where their money is going now -- not just at year-end.

Business Analysis and Applications Development: provides management solution proposals as well as the development skills necessary to back them up. We have developed hundreds of applications for corporate and government entities of all sizes. We specialize in international business and telecommunications technologies. Our most popular applications can be customized to suit. We are experts in Lotus Notes/Domino enterprise management, server administration and applications development.

e-Commerce Solutions and Affiliate Network Management Services:
We help build online enterprises with affiliate networks. Affiliates refer affiliates, and the network grows exponentially. Numerous options for creating marketing teams. A referral tree with IDs is built and email group lists are auto-updated. Bilingual versions are available.

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