Product Centre: Information Technology, Telecommunications offers a host of products for the 'TeleWorkplace'. From the hardware that powers telecommunications to the software that makes it work for you, our products will make and/or save our clients money while empowering the workforce that is so vital to success. We will tailor any of our specialty applications to suit your business, including:

Internet and Telecommunications Solutions
In order to do everything else we do, we first need a robust network and internet gateway. Maintaining a reliable internet connection with enough bandwidth to support the work we do, is paramount to us. We offer telecommunications solutions that include satellite, wireless (wi-fi), cellular, and standard 'hard-wired' networking. We build networks any size -- tiny or huge.

TIIM - Telecom Inventory and Invoice Management System
Large companies with millions of dollars in telecom expenses can recover millions with the Telemanage TIIM service. We identify fraud, over-billing, tariff violations, exception reporting, usage statistics, missing equipment, unused services, and more. TIIM pays for itself in the first run, and keeps those costs down from there on.

Job Scheduling and Workforce Management System
Manages people, jobs, suppliers, scheduling all online. Executive reports of all kinds. Great for managing lots of contractors and 3rd party suppliers. Contact us for a demo.

Project Management Systems
Managing projects and resources over a network saves money. Online meetings, real-time deliverable tracking, and electronic executive reporting is secure and reliable. We help integrate the entire IT infrastructure to best facilitate your company's management processes and policies.

Virtual Offices and Project Rooms
For developing an idea for a new service or business opportunity into a reality, follow Telemanage's service development processes, and the idea is turned into a Proposal for funding, an Agreement to develop, a Prototype, and eventually the Product/Service itself. AAA Project Management processing and information management help organize and categorize all the project information. CEO-In-A-Box. Great for virtual project teams.

Document Management and File Tracking Systems
Promotes clear communications; provides access to files, documents, agreements, and actions in a private, secure online conferencing center; and saves telecommunications costs for users and managers. Custom-generated forms for printing reduce or eliminate the possibility of errors. Digital signatures are also available for electronic signing, authorization, and access control to the information. Full-text searching capabilities and support for all file formats including multimedia.

Service Order and Product Management Systems
Online product and service catalogues. Service requests and order processing. Service requests requiring human resources are routed to the Workforce Management service. Integrates with Inventory, Billing, and Web Storefronts.

Transaction Processing Systems
Credit card processing, wire transfer processing, letters of intent, funds transfer instructions, and funds received notifications are just a few of the options available. Our systems fill in the blanks where others leave off. Most online affiliate programs could use our systems to ease transaction processing securely. We fill the void and deliver confirmations of receipt of funds and letters of intent. By using an encrypted account page, clients have access to their balance and transaction history without their private information being exposed via email, phone or fax.

Web Affiliate Management System
Manage your entire online affiliate network with our Affiliator application. This service builds online affiliate networks. Affiliates refer affiliates, and the network grows exponentially. Numerous options for creating marketing teams. A referral tree with IDs is built and email group lists are auto-updated. Bilingual versions are available.

Association Management Enterprise Services
For managing large groups and associations with chapters, committees, boards, etc.. Online membership directories, conferences, libraries, chapter rooms, private email & blogs. Member pages, multimedia pages, conference scheduling, administration, and registration -- brings it all into one place. Looks simple, but there's a lot going on underneath to make it work. It is usually part of a service package that includes some of the other services described here.

News / Bulletin Boards / Discussion Forums
Discussion forums are a dime-a-dozen, and if you don't mind advertising, you can get them free on the Internet. Telemanage discussion forums use secure socket encryption, access control lists, access logs, reader and editor restrictions, mediators, etc..

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