Telemanage WiFi
Wireless Internet in Belize
Service Centre: Telecommunications

Wireless Internet service is now available in Belize. Telemanage WiFi is operating in Corozal Town, San Pedro and other towns in Belize. Download speeds average 400 kbps or more. No sites are blocked (as opposed to BTL). Stream video and audio. Make Voice over IP (VoIP) calls. Don't wait for Intelco -- we're doing it now!

There are a number of pricing plans, and equipment costs will depend on how far away you are from the nearest WiFi tower.

NOTE: Because of the enormous demand for this service, there is a waiting list to sign up for Telemanage WiFi. Contact us for more information or to put your name on the waiting list. Or, for an even faster, dedicated wireless connection, consider the Direcway Internet Satellite dish.

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