Process Design
Development of peak-performance business processes
Eric Schaub
Service Centre: Telecommunications

TELEMANAGE has been helping companies map their business processes and refine them. By taking a wholistic approach, we aim to integrate all aspects of your business seemlessly. We don't change the way you do business -- we identify all lines of communication, roles, responsibilties, objectives, and obligations, then clear up the bottlenecks. We promote personal accountability and efficient communications.

Whether you are starting a new organization, reorganizing an existing company, or managing project, we have the business processes to complete your 'mission'. Our virtual project rooms are customized for the type of work you are doing with sets of processes customized to suit.

We are experienced in:
  • Process mapping
  • Process design and development
  • Business transformation
  • Systems migration
  • Departmental integration

Contact us for a customized solution to suit your needs.

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