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Today we are launching our new and long-awaited web site for LibertyTree.ca .

We've got a new logo and new look-and-feel all around.
We've made our layouts more 'responsive' to mobile devices.
You may now login to your account to manage your subscriptions and contact profile.
You may now add links, images, and formatted text to comments.
You may reply to comments. Replies will appear underneath the comment.
Site navigation has been streamlined.

We will continue to add more features, particularly those that will allow you to post an article or share relevant links.

At Liberty Tree, we wish to foster a dialogue about what it means to live freely and responsibly.

We assert that all people around the world are born with inherent 'rights' to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (see Declaration of Independence). Is Liberty just for Americans? Am I free? Should I be? Who says? These are the kinds of questions we wish to pursue with our readers -- which are also our contributors.

The dialogue continues.

In documenting the process of liberation, YOU are the content.

Our many thanks to those that have been contributing to this forum! Please consider making a donation to help us cover the development and operational expenses for this endeavor and helping to keep the lighthouse lit as a guide for others.

Eric Schaub
Editor/Publisher Liberty Tree

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