Herd Mentality
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The Herd Mentality
Policing Ourselves
Unveiling the New World Order
Victim Mentality
Limited Imagination
Creating A Paradise on Earth

Dear North Americans,

[Editor's Note: The following six commentaries were inspired by David Icke's work. I haven't read any of his books yet,
but I intend on it. I did though get inspired from a video entitled "The Truth Shall Set You Free." His knowledge of the
power structure and consciousness is remarkable. What a blend! Thank you David for sourcing this inspired writing.]

The Herd Mentality

We're all part of the same consciousness. Divisions are only in our minds. These attitudes most people have adopted
allow a few people to control the destiny of the planet. We're due for a spiritual awakening. God save us from religion.
Religion is the greatest form of mind control through the manipulation of fear, guilt and shame. Spirituality is the opposite
of religion.

The people are terrorized into denying who we are. From birth we are taught to conform, to be comfortable and to live
within the "hassle-free" zone. All societies and dogmas, religious or political are generally "hassle-free" if you conform.
We're pretty much left alone because we are not perceived as a threat to the established order. This herd mentality allows
the rule of the world by a few masterful manipulators. We are herded through conditioning and fear just like the shepherd
and his flock with a stick (i.e., conditioning) and sheep dog (i.e., police).

We the People consistently react in the direction the power structure intends. The power structure masterminds a
problem (i.e., Bosnia), the media whips up the problem to the point of hysteria, then the people react with "Something
must be done! What are 'they' going to do about it." Blame someone or something for the problem and take no
responsibility. The power structure steps in to rescue us with the already preconceived solution and directs us one more
step towards centralized, totalitarian world government. Thanks to Bosnia, we are one-step closer to a world army with
60,000 troops assembled in Europe. This was the intended result of Bosnia all along. And by the way, the same region of
Europe was used to justify involvement in both WWI and WWII.

These "Problem - Reaction - Solution" strategies for controlling large populations have been orchestrated for
generations. When the World Health Organization (WHO) wants us to line up at the clinics and get our flu shots, they
simply whip up a frenzy through the media that they predict a flu epidemic is going to happen next year. They create the
problem to get the desired response. We the Sheeple react, line up to get our flu shots and sure enough there's a flu
epidemic. Wake up people!

Gradually stepping stone by stepping stone our liberties and our sensibilities erode and We the Sheeple are led down an
unholy road giving our power away at every step in the dance. Frighten them and the people will demand their power be
taken from them. We have grown comfortable at "giving our power away" and denying ourselves. This is what's
perceived as "normal" - the status quo. Once the mindset is there, it defends the norm - whatever the hassle-free zone
considers reality.

We are more afraid of what other people think of us than what we think of ourselves. If we step out of the herd and go
our own way, dance to the beat of our own drummer, others will notice and they might not like us anymore. If you
evacuate the "hassle-free" zone and have a mind of your own, do your own thinking and come to your own conclusions
then others won't approve. You ask,"What would the other slaves think if I freed myself. Gee, mother and father won't
approve." Neither will our friends, our lovers, perhaps even our children will hate us. Are we so weak, so cowardly that
we cannot step out and live our own lives?

Policing Ourselves

Mostly we police each other and ourselves. It's not possible for a small handful of people to control and rule the world
unless the people are partners in the plan. When one of us doesn't conform, we police each other into comformity through
projected guilt, blame and shame techniques. We maintain the prison at all costs to our "peace of mind."

For if we ever faced the truth, our lives would be ripped apart and that's a "hassle." We'd have to live in the "hassle-full"
zone and challenge the established order. We'd have to question authority and ask "why?" We'd have to look inside and
know ourselves. The real war is in our psyches between these factions. Our prisons have no walls except those
psychological ones we've conditioned into each other through projection and denial systems, such as our family system,
churches, schools, media, government and police. "Don't let the system fool you, all they want to do is rule you."--Bruce

Due to the compartmentalization of our institutions in the form of a pyramid, where the people at the bottom don't
know what the people on the next level up are doing, very few have ever "connected the dots." Only a handful of people
at the very top ever have the whole picture. Most interface with government is with the clerks in the front office who
haven't a clue what their agency ever does. They are the frontline of the mindset. Do what you're told. Ask no questions.
Give no answers or "legal advice."

What have We the People allowed to stand? How much death and oppression have we tolerated due to our herd
mentality, don't rock the boat mentality, don't question authority mentality. These attitudes have created mountains of
suffering for our fellow human beings, and the destruction of many parts of the earth. And what will ever stop it, until we
face ourselves and awaken to our true self and power?

We have stood for a "money" system based on the continual expansion of debt. Debt-based systems massively inflate
the cost of basic goods and services. Due to mortgage interest, we buy three houses for the privilege of living in one.
Banks lend people money that doesn't exist and charge them interest for it. Whole nations go bankrupt and become slaves
to the international bankers who renegotiate their debt in exchange for natural resources and the horrific starvation and
poverty of their own people. Poverty is the greatest form of violence for it is mostly unseen. Poverty is created by the
inadequate distribution of resources and economic policies of a few people. How will we ever stop this injustice until we
take a stand for ourselves? We could be creating our own money systems. Governments could be printing their own
debt-free currency instead of enslaving their people through these draconian economic policies.

Brazil is the largest exporter of food in South America, exports mostly to the developed and obese societies of Europe
and North America. Yet, 400,000 children died of starvation in Brazil last year due to "economic policies" of debt and
interest. And we stand for this. How can we ever stop this economic madness until we question the whole foundation of
our global economic system and stop cooperating with systems that create these violent consequences.

Unveiling the New World Order

So what does the power structure have in mind for us and who are "they" anyway? Is this just some horseshit
"conspiracy theory?" The present objectives are simple. Get the world population to agree to a one-world government,
world central bank and currency, world army and a microchip population linked to a central computer. We are already a
one-party, one-world State with different storefronts posing as separate and distincts nations. There is one policy and the
same cast of string pullers orchestrating world events.

Most people believe that the head of State (e.g., Bill Clinton) is the pinnacle of the power structure and the buck stops
there. It doesn't even come close. Presidents and Prime Ministers, Congressmen and Senators are puppets nothing more.
There is an extensive secret and emergingly powerful world government above them pulling their strings. Politicians have
big egos and they project an image as if they are the final arbitrators of power. Most people believe this despite that it
simply ain't so.

Have you ever asked who creates a President? Who decides their running mates on both parties? Isn't it suspicious that
regardless of whether or not Democrats or Republicans get elected, everything still gets worse? These divisions are
arbitrary and have nothing whatsoever to do with real power in the real world. Ideology is an illusion fostered to keep the
people divided - arguing over non-issues which they have absolutely no power to do anything about (at least in the present
herd mentality).

The Left and Right are a big joke. With Hitler cast on the far Right and Stalin cast on the Far Left - both advocate
centralized control, concentration camps and slavery for their people. Isn't it great to have choice?

Elections are decided long before any vote is cast. If you still believe in "democracy" as the peoples government, I'd
suggest looking again. Your vote makes no political difference whatsoever. Democracy is not "freedom" even though they
are treated as synonymous terms. Fifty people telling the other forty-nine what to do is not freedom. Majority rule is
tyranny for the minority!

The last five Secretary Generals of NATO were Bilderberg appointees. World Bank appointees are Bilderberg
appointees. The European Union endorsed by Chancellor Kohl of Germany is a Bilderberg. Every recent President of the
United States including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagon, George Bush and Bill Clinton were members of the Trilateral
Commission and/or Council of Foreign Relations. So were many of their opponents in the elections. So regardless of who
won, the same people behind the scenes retain power.

Look at current events with a more scrutinizing eye. Do not ever believe the mainstream or alternative media storyline.
Both are contrived action and reaction. Today, all media is propaganda, mass manipulation and government-supplied
information. Look at who owns the media, what clubs they belong to (e.g., Bilderbergs, Royal Institute of International
Affairs, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations) and how are they benefitting from keeping the truth from
the people.

It's more of a collective mindset and attitude of superiority than a loathing "conspiracy." Treat it as such. Question every
motive from the power structures perspective and every conclusion arrived at. Watch who is blamed and ask who is
benefitting from the sheeple believing the storyline. Do your own independent research and cross-check your sources.
Have direct experience of the people or groups blamed and get some inside information. If you do so with an open mind,
you'll arrive at very different conclusions.

Ask yourself who is benefitting from the action? Who benefitted from the assasination of JFK, Malcolm X, Martin
Luther King, John Lennon? Who benefitted from the war in Bosnia? Except for rare, random cases of violence without a
purpose or cause, most events are conspiratorical and orchestrated carefully. Nothing in politics happens by accident.
You'd better start believing that.

Who benefitted from the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City? As a result of the bombing, anti-terrorist
legislation sailed through Congress further curtailing the civil liberties of 260 million law-abiding citizens for the insane acts
of a few people. Today, there is more centralized police power in the hands of the federal government with an easing on
the restrictions regarding the involvement of the military in civilian affairs. Records regarding the BATF involvement in
Waco were destroyed in the building so no further investigation of the agency could ensue. People were whipped up into a
frenzy and scared of the rise of militia activity in the United States. The militias and constitutionalists were blamed for the
bombing despite any evidence. The impression was still left in the public mind and most people discounted their activities
as irrelevant "right-wing extremists."

So instead of looking at the issues being raised by the patriots in America regarding the erosion of the constitution and
the protection of our precious freedoms, most people discounted the patriots as fanatical murderers. Thus the herd
mentality could go about their business in the hassle-free zone without daring to look at reality outside the comfort zone.
The status quo benefitted from this bombing. Do you think perhaps they had some small involvement in orchestrating it?
Look at the evidence. Then look at the evidence that was either destroyed or suppressed. Make up your own mind about

Today, great power is being unveiled for all to see. We do not have to hate these power mongers, for they are doing
what they believe is best for the sheeple. They have given us a gift in seeing ourselves, what we stand for and how we fall.
The power structure today is a massive statement about us and our own lack of power - and responsitility. I do not or will
not speak with hate or condemnation about anyone. I do not advocate "an eye for an eye" for then everyone is blind. I do
not advocate the use of violence for any reason or cause, but firm non-violent, non-cooperation with such a system. Look
at our possibility. We could be soon evolving and migrating from a prison to a paradise. If indeed we create our own
reality. Let's do a better job at it. Happy New Year! Let's make it a powerful one.

Victim Mentaliy

Victim mentality will always create victim reality and victim circumstances. If you imagine your sorry state in life, pitiful
and pathetic, wounded, betrayed and abandoned, then sure enough the universe will cooperate and create that reality for
you. It's not sorry luck - it's your own creation dude. And like it or not human beings are all Creators on this planet so we
might just as well get good at it. As David Icke says so well, "We are all imaginations of ourselves." Whether or not we
have a small or large, limited or expanded imagination, the truth remains that we create our own realities - for better or for

Oh, "too simple minded" you'll say in defense of your limited creation. "I'm not responsible. Oh, but I believe that God
is the Creator. I believe in the Bible (yah, which limited edition?). Oh, but Jesus is my savior. He's gonna come again (yah,
we killed him the first time do you think he'd fare any better today?). These mantras, affirmations and meditations will
enlighten me. I'm a "new ager." I believe in everything." Just listen to yourself!

"Oh, but somebody hurt me - mother, father, sister, brother, stranger and someone else was to blame. It's their fault. It's
their responsibility. I was abused. My father was angry. My mother neglected me. I didn't get to breast feed." Give it up!
Aren't you sick of hearing yourself moaning and groaning, denying yourself and responsibility for being a Creator? You
have not exclusively created every event in your life, as many were co-created by willing cast members, but you certainly
have created "meaning" around these events that haunt you. This is what "hell" is - a victim mentality, an attitude with no

It's understandable to be so "victim-bound" as we're raised with constant messages of limitation. No, you can't do that.
No, you can't be that. Get real. Get a job. Get married. Get rich. Be successful. Look good. Be right. Christianity informs
us we're hopelessly "born sinners"with a limited imagination. God save us from religion. Religion is the greatest form of
mind control ever created by man through the manipulation of fear, guilt and shame. Liberate our minds from mental
slavery. Free your spirit. Stop giving your power away to other people's concepts of "God!" Experience "God" directly,
not through others.

So how do we reinforce a victim mentality? It's the "vibe" that pulls it in. We magnetize energies with our thoughts. If
you're angry, you're going to be a magnet for angry people. By hanging around the people and circumstances you attract,
the anger is perpetuated. Misery loves company and victims love a whole herd around them. There are support groups,
radio shows, magazines, websites for every possible victim identity. All these reinforce your victimhood. Sooner or later, it
becomes an identity. It's becomes a statement of who you are. It's becomes who you are. So it must be so. Expand your
imagination of yourself and free yourself from the prison so you can experience paradise.

Limited Imagination

The solutions to poverty, hunger, sickness, disease and much of what we perceive as "problems" on the planet are
rooted in a limited imagination. Most problems are actually created by man to perpetuate the fear-based sytems that
manipulate and control us. Let's take a hard look at ourselves and what we stand for.

How can we stand for so much hunger and starvation on this planet when there's plenty of food for everyone? Millions
of children die from starvation and billions are hungry every night. Our pets eat better than most people in the Western
world. We compost enough food from restaurants in the West to feed many of the world's hungry. Food is left
unharvested in the fields. Prime agricultural land is suburbanized instead of planted. Farmers are bankrupted and cannot
afford to grow food. It's a limited imagination about how to get the food to the people. It's a limited imagination of who
we are and who is hungry. If any one of us is hungry - then I am hungry still.

How can we stand for billions of peoples lives reduced to poverty when there's plenty of "money" (since if you
remember it's created out of thin air by the international bankers). Billions of people have no "credit" from the bankers to
engage in even the most rudimentary financial transaction. Millions of people are working their lives away paying for three
houses for the privilege of living in one. 90% of all Americans are without any assets at the age of 62. Billions of people
not engaged in productive or meaningful work. It's a limited imagination about power, about money, about wealth that
creates lack. It's takes an expanded imagination to create the "money" where it's needed most. Money is power and there's
plenty of it when the people reclaim their sovereignty and empower each other and themselves. Money is created from the
interaction of energy and information (i.e., currency). The creation of "money" is everyone's responsibility.

How can we stand for millions of people suffering from cancers and degenerative diseases so a few people can profit
richly from their misery, instead of making the "cures" available. Limited imagination prevents working solutions from
being implemented. Limited imagination creates so much unnecessary suffering. Rooted in fear, greed and insecurity the
human race suffers from lack of imagination, not resources, intelligence or solutions.

Power structures simply set up the circumstances and conditions whereby ordinary people can be manipulated into
submission and their imaginations curtailed. Bureaucracies thrive as agents of power, yet have none of their own, except
whatever you submit. Do not submit to the shepards waving their sticks, herding you into the corral. Go your own way.
Be free, truly free.

Most people believe they are "free." Yes slave, you are free to select any one of the 50 channels on your remote
control, and choose which form of mind control you want to subscribe to. Yes slave, you're free to pick a Ford or a
Toyata. Yes slave, you're free to borrow our money at 10% or 12%. It's a free country afterall.

But are you really free? You're not really free if cannot be who you are, say what you think and do as you feel so long
as you don't trespass on another. You're not free if you're a slave to your corporate job. You're not free if you've
forgotten how to think, act and feel for yourself. You're not free if you don't know who you are and express your
uniqueness. That's real freedom - remember.

Stop giving your power to these power structures and marvel as they vanish from your sight. Get them out of your life
and out of your sight. Stop participating in your own oppression. Revoke your adhesion contracts with agents of power.
Learn how to become a sovereign being on the planet.

Hierarchial power structures are fundamentally vulnerable as the power is not at the top, but in the foundation. Those at
the top are riding on the backs of those below. The global elite who rule over nations and herds of people only accomplish
it with our daily consent to hold them above us, to support their lusts for power and position. We the People feed them
our power. They willingly accept and feed off the power we give away everyday due to our limited imaginations. The road
to paradise is only a breathe away.

Creating A Paradise on Earth

There are no ordinary people. Everyone is extraordinary and unique. To honor each others uniqueness and allow each
other to coexist outside the prison is what the mythological "Garden of Eden" was all about. Paradise is created when We
the People decide to keep our power instead of giving it away. We don't have to get it back from the government, the
church or the global elite. We don't need permission to become a sovereign being. We are sovereign by birth. Keep your
power. Empower others to keep their power. Use your power wisely. Love each other and practice the golden rule.
Paradise is that simple folks, so obvious.

When visionaries and activists talk about creating "paradise" on earth, you'll hear every lame excuse. "I can't do that. I
have a job. I have to work everyday to pay my mortgage. What about my children's education? I've got a car payment.
I've got to take care of mine." Dare to talk about "paradise" and most people will discount you as unrealistic, impractical,
possessed with the devil, crazy, off your rocker, bloody mad or all of the above. "What would my parents think? What
would my husband think? What would the neighbors think? What would I think?"

Worse than life in the prison which has become acceptable, even fashionable, people are afraid the system will collapse
so they maintain the status quo at all costs. At least life in the prison provides three squares a day and a decent roof over
your head. They get up and go to work each day. Like the bumper sticker, "I owe, I owe so off to work I go." The
generalized fear of the system collapsing keeps the system going. The excuses for keeping it going include, "It'll hurt and
be painful, people will suffer. There'll be madness in the streets. People will starve."

Yes, all that will happen when the system collapses. All that has happened, is happening now and supposedly the system
is working. For billions of people, the system doesn't work, never worked and has already collapsed. For millions more,
the stress and strain of maintaining it is killing them. There were one million bankruptcies in the USA last year. This kind
of "system" is unsustainable by any means. The New World Order cannot and will not succeed in creating a global
plantation. There's no way to keep six billion people down on the farm without their consent.

It is mathematically impossible to keep the debt-based system going indefinitely. Eventually, a new global structure will
be imposed - exactly what the global elite had in mind all along. And most of the people will simply go along with it for
awhile. Until, they realize the prison they're in and the hopeless lives they lead. When We the People are sick to death of
playing out victim mentality, the people will free themselves. Declare enough suffering, enough victimhood and simply
walk out of the corral. Take some responsibilitiy for creating your conditions and crawl out of the hole you've been living
in. You'll get more out of your life if you do it now.

There are a few tens of thousands who are getting on just fine ignoring the system by creating other realities instead of
feeding the status quo. The secret is - act and live as if the system has already collapsed. Get on without it. Extract yourself
from it. Work independently. Create your own systems and interface with it as seldom as necessary. Create self-reliance
and interdependency in everything you do with your family, friends and community.

We'll all be better off supporting each other in our families and communities, feeding each other instead of feeding the
system. Stop feeding the system if you choose to be free, to be powerful and to manifest creation in your life. Paradise has
no room for cowards. Fear cannot exist therein. We can love the world into a paradise. Paradise is a choice, an attitude

Most people are terrified of the consequences of getting out of prison. Like freedom, paradise is inconceivable, yet it is
coming. More and more people are waking up to their own spiritual power and choosing to live on the edge of the new
frontier - the possibility of life on earth when the pyramid collapses. You may be one of them - if you can conquer your
fears. It's a choice whether to surrender to the fear or not. We are standing on the precipice of a new possibility. Get out of
the way or take a stand with us.

How do we turn a prison into a paradise? Be who you really are, respect and express your uniqueness - respect others
rights to do the same. Do not impose what you believe on others. Stop policing each other into conformity. Follow your
heart and be extraordinary. Take the time to smell the roses.

Source: http://www.cascadian.com/NANS/Home.html

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