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Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Venuzuela, Argentina
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Reliable and fast satellite internet service is now available in Costa Rica -- more reliable than dial-up, wireless, and Direcway:

  • 1.2 meter 2-way satellite dish, 2-watt transmitter, and satellite modem -- $2700
  • Client is responsible for shipping from San José, Costa Rica -- approx $100
  • Satellite dish mount -- to be built by customer or purchased for $300
  • Installation -- $600 (extra travel expenses may apply depending on weather and remoteness of location)
  • One time activation fee -- $100
  • Availability -- 1 week after receiving payment

Satellite coverage area -- inside the green (46) lines:

Monthly Bandwidth Service Plans for Latin America
Monthly Cost
$ 119.00
$ 165.00
$ 365.00
$ 899.00
Maximum Downstream
Up to 400 K
Up to 400 K
Up to 750 K
Up to 1000 K
Maximum Upstream
Up to 128 K
(50-80 K Typical)
Up to 128 K
(50-80 K Typical)
Up to 200 K
(120-160 K Typical)
Up to 256 K
(180-230 K Typical)
System Access
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
Public IP
Additional $ 28.00/mth.
Additional $ 28.00/mth.
Additional $ 28.00/mth.
Additional $ 28.00/mth.
Max. Number of PC's
Maximum 6
Maximum 15
Maximum 30
Maximum 50
Online time
Max. Daily Throughput
200 MB
600 MB
800 MB
1000 MB

Voice over IP Satellite Telephone Service

Phone Adapter with 2 Ports for Voice-over-IPWe offer a Linksys VoIP device specifically configured for satellite communications without the usual problems with Vonage and other VoIP providers that simply won't work over satellite. The equipment comes preconfigured with outgoing calls in two separate phone lines. If you would like, we also offer an inbound US 305 area code number, which people can use to call you any time.

The price of the equipment is US$ 295.00 installed with your antenna. Inbound 305 area code phone number is US$ 15.00 per month per line (Since the equipment can have 2 different phone numbers). ALL incoming calls are free with this subscription.

Outgoing calls to the US, Canada, and Europe are less than 7 cents per minute. Calls to other countries are a fraction of the normal long distance charges from Latin America. The service is prepaid and call usage can be tracked via our website.

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