Cement Mount
How to Make Satellite Dish Mount
Eric Schaub
Telework Centre: Telecommunications

You'll need some iron rebar, some wire about 1/4 inch thick, and some thin wire for wiring the frame together. At one end, bend the rebar 90 degrees out for about 6 inches for attaching the base frame.

The rebar is measured to about 9 feet, and the 1/4 inch wire is bent and cut, then wired together with thin wire around the joints.

The flat grid base is made from rebar about 2.5 feet on each side. It will lie flat in a 30 inch hole and wired to the wire frame of the post.

A square hole about 3 feet wide and 30 inches deep will support the post and dishes up to 1.8 meters in size. The coaxial cables used to connect the dish and the modems should not exceed 100 feet. Keep this in mind when choosing a location for the post, and remember to account for tacking cables around corners or through conduit, etc. Also make sure you have an unobstructed view to the satellite.

Some stones and concrete are poured into the hole about 1 foot deep. Then the wire base grid is placed on top of that and the post frame wired onto the base. If you plan on running conduit for the cables, now is the time to put it inside the post.

Large rocks are placed on top with some cement until the cement is level with the ground.

A mould is made up of 4 1"x12" boards nailed together to make an 8.5"x8.5" box 6 feet high.

The mould is placed over the frame, and it sits on top of the cement already poured. A few braces are hammered to the box to help keep it level and steady.

Cement and gravel is poured into the mould until it reaches the top. Keep the frame centered in the box while pouring and occasionally 'poking' cement to make sure it settles without any air pockets.

Make the sure the post is level and secured before adding the pipe.

For the 'mast pipe' for the 1.2 meter dish, place a 2-1/2 inch Schedule 40 pipe (2.88" outer diameter), 18 inches long, 10 inches into the cement and level it. For a 1.8 meter dish, the pipe is 3-1/2 inch Schedule 40 (4" outer diameter).

The whole thing dries in 24 hours. You can put some water on one of the seams and gently pry open the wooden mould .

After a little cleaning, the mount is ready for the dish.

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