Voice-over-IP (VOIP)
Long Distance Calling via your Internet Connection
Eric Schaub
Telework Centre: Telecommunications

Making long distance telephone calls over the Internet is rapidly becoming the preferred method for voice telecommunications-- especially when living abroad and calling home. Voice-over-IP (VOIP) and other carrier solutions offer a range of services suited to your connection and target countries. Whether your Internet connection is via cable, DSL, satellite, or dial-up -- there are solutions for everyone.

Cisco and Vonage have been the most common routers used for Voice-over-IP (VOIP) applications, and most work very well over a good Internet connection. But satellite modem clients have been dogged with 'latency' problems. It takes almost a second for microwaves to travel full cirlce up to the satellite, down to the base station, back up to the satellite, and back down to the originator -- there is no way to speed this up other than to shorten the distance. Many VOIP routers do not work well with satellite communcations as a result.

Recently, a few vendors have been developing VOIP communications software and devices that are optimized for satellite communcations. There is an unavoidable delay in the connection, similar to calling Europe in the 'old days,' but it is crystal clear. You can call any phone number in the world from your computer at very low rates per minute. Other options allow you to use a standard telephone to make VOIP calls. Some subscriptions even assign a phone number so that remote users can get their own phone number that will route calls to the VOIP phone.

Need we mention that there are dozens of ways for people to communicate from computer to computer for free without ever using their phone line? The merging of audio/video, telephone and computer continues as we not only 'reach out and touch someone' but everyone.

Contact us for an evaluation of your Voice-over-IP (VOIP) needs. Many solutions you can try out for free. Every teleworker needs services like this.

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