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Telemanage is an authorized dealer of Direcway Satellite Systems in Canada, US, Central America, and the Caribbean. Our Central American office is in Corozal Town, Belize. Contact us for a customized solution or if you have a question.

Direcway 2-Way Internet Satellite systems come in a variety of configurations. The Residential Service is offered in the US and Canada only. The Business Edition is offered internationally (which is good because it is much faster and has more features than the residential service.)

Satellite Modems

The satellite modems come in 5 configurations -- DW7000, DW7700, DW6000, DW4000, and DW4020

DW7000, DW7700, DW6000 - Now Available Internationally!! The DW7000 is the latest enhancement to the Direcway modem. The DW7000/DW6000 combines the same features of the DW4020 into one stand-alone box. Just plug it into your network and everyone is online. No software to install. Works with Macintosh. This is the way to go!

Voice-over-IP Solutions - There are a number of possible solutions for making and receiving phone calls over the satellite connection using any Direcway modem. Many new services are also in development and coming to market weekly, so keep posted. We can recommend several solutions for the satellite modem user. Click here for details.

DW4000 - (Discontinued) This option connects the satellite modems to the computer via USB cable. The connection can be shared via Windows Internet Connection Sharing and a local network. Does not work with MacIntosh. There is a daily download limit depending on the monthly service plan.

DW4020 - (Discontinued) This option adds a 5 port ethernet hub to the satellite modems. This allows up to five PC connections directly to the Internet -- no proxy or ICS required. Computers connect via Ethernet Cat5 cable and network card. No software to configure -- just plug in your network cable. Supports up to 5 direct connections (more are possible with a proxy server). MacIntosh-compatible.
Internet Satellite Dishes

We have 4 sizes of internet satellite dishes available
  • .74 meter parabolic dish
  • .98 meter offset dish
  • 1.2 meter offset dish (also available in dual-polarities)
  • 1.8 meter offset dish -- dual-polarities

The 1.2 and 1.8 meter dishes are for outlying fringe areas of the satellite coverage. They also help increase up-time during poor weather conditions -- recommended for commercial installations. The dual-polarity option increases bandwidth and signal strength for mission critical applications.

iNetVu Mobile Satellite Dishes

For those on the go, the iNetVu Mobile version installs on the roof of a vehicle for mobile access. Fits on an SUV luggage rack or mounted to an RV or emergency response vehicle.

Coverage includes virtually all of North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. One-touch operation, easy to use, and very reliable -- did we mention fast, too!

Other Options

Fixed IP addresses are available for the DW4000, DW4020, DW6000 and DW7000/7700.
If you need more upload speed, a 256K upload service is available on the 1.2 meter dish.
3rd party VoIP solutions are available for DW4000/DW4020/DW6000/DW7000/DW7700 - contact us for more info.

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