Direcway in Costa Rica
Direcway 2-Way Satellite Internet
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Would you like high-speed broadband in Costa Rica? The new KU2 band is finally available in previously hard-to-reach areas of Central and South America! Systems start at $2700 for Costa Rica satellite systems. We are licensed and can deliver and install easily. Contact us now for a quote!

2-way Satellite Internet Coverage
available inside green lines

Satellite Internet service is finally available in Costa Rica. High-speed internet access via satellite is 10 times faster than dial-up.

Our new KU2 VSAT service allows the use of 1.2m dishes instead of the 2.5m dish previously required -- this saves about $2500! Better than Direcway, our service is faster and tweaked for voice applications.

A 1.2 meter satellite internet installation like this will work most of the time in Costa Rica -- even in rainy weather. Contact us for availability in your area.

For Satellite Broadband Pricing and Options in Costa Rica - click here.

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