Direcway in Ontario
High-speed Internet via Satellite
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Direcway Satellite Internet service is now available in Ontario. Using either DW7000, DW6000 or DW4020 satellite modems, the Direcway 2-way Satellite Internet system connects to the internet at around 500K-1200K download and 50K-256K upload. More bandwidth at faster speeds is available for an increased monthly fee.

Direcway Satellite Internet is available everywhere in Ontario -- even in remote areas.
Contact us for a satellite internet site evaluation in your area.

2-way satellite internet is high-speed internet for areas where DSL and cable internet are not available. The new DW7000 satellite modem has improved VoIP capabilities.

Satellite internet is
very reliable. Direcway satellite broadband internet service is the fastest and most reliable internet connection you can have. Don't wait -- start communicating faster now with Direcway satellite internet broadband service.

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