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The Law
by Frederic Bastiat (06/01/1850)
The Law, first published as a pamphlet in June, 1850, is already more than a hundred years old. And because its truths are eternal, it will still be read when another century has passed. Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) was a French economist, statesman, and author. He did most of his writing during the years just before -- and immediately following -- the French Revolution of February 1848. This is an absolute must read for anyone interested in law, justice, truth, or liberty. A most compelling and revolutionary look at The Law.
'Sir Daniel' going to jail
by Les Perreaux (08/28/2001)
A self-styled knight of Christian orders who cited the King James Bible as authority for his tax evasion was sentenced yesterday to five years, eight months in prison and ordered to pay the $2.4-million he owes the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
1895 Eighth Grade Final Exam
Salina, Kansas
by Smoky Valley Genealogical Society and Library (05/05/1895)
Could you have passed the 8th Grade in 1895? In 1885 the 8th grade was considered upper level education. Many children quit school as soon as they could master the basic fundamentals of the 3 R's (reading, writing and arithmetic). Most never went past the 3rd or 4th grade. That's all you needed for the farm and most city jobs. Child labor laws were not in existence. Additionally today's education has much more focus on technology and sociology than the grammar and geography of old. It's a different world with different requirements and capabilities needed to succeed.
9 Myths of Gun Control
A Hypertext on American History

The main body of this hypertext comes from a number of USIA-publications An Outline of American History, An Outline of the American Economy, An Outline of American Government, and An Outline of American Literature. The text of these Outlines has not been changed, but they have been enriched with hypertext-links to relevant documents, original essays, other Internet sites, and to other Outlines.
A number of contributors have prepared additional texts and links for the project. And this project will grow als long as we find new texts and volunteers who are willing to contribute.
A pocket guide to NSA sabotage
by Doug Porter (09/01/2000)
The US National Security Agency (NSA) engages in sabotage, much of it against American companies and products. One campaign apparently occurred at about the time when PGP's most serious vulnerability was added. To understand the whole story requires some background.
A Republic, If You Can Keep It
by Ron Paul (02/02/2000)
At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: "Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" "A republic if you can keep it," responded Franklin.
A State Senator Explains 14th Amendment Citizenship
by Wayne Stump, Arizona State Senator (10/21/1999)
When one reflects on the meaning of "We the People" in the Consititution of the USA, it would seem to mean that the Preamble People were a class of people who, with the aid of God, originally secured their Liberty with the protections they constructed into the Organic Constitution and the first ten Amendments thereto. This, being the case, tends to bring the import of the 14th Amendment into focus.
Aid & Abet

Constitutional Issues for Lawmen. Published for members of Law Enforcement, Military, National and Coast Guard.
Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do
by Peter McWilliams (06/17/2000)
The Only Chapter In This Over-Long Book You Need To Read (says the author)
Albert Jay Nock, Forgotten Man of the Right
by Jeffrey A. Tucker (08/22/2002)
Here it is in one package, an illustration of the level of learning that had been lost with mass education, a picture of the way a true political dissident from our collectivist period thinks about the modern world, and a comprehensive argument for the very meaning of freedom and civility – all from a man who helped shape the Right's intellectual response to the triumph of the FDR's welfare-warfare State.
Alternative Source for Information on Government Corruption
America's Private Gulag
by Ken Silverstein (06/17/2000)
What is the most profitable industry in America? Weapons, oil and computer technology all offer high rates of return, but there is probably no sector of the economy so abloom with money as the privately-run prison industry.
Americans for Fair Taxation

The Fair Tax is a proposal to replace the Federal income tax with a single-rate retail sales tax. Taxes would be lower for most people. How much federal tax you pay would be up to you, because you'd only be taxed on what you choose to spend. It would NOT be a VAT -- tax would only be levied on the retail sale.
An American Hero, Peter McWilliams, Is Dead,
Murdered by the Feds
by Paul Zimmerman (06/17/2000)
Eulogy by Paul Zimmerman
Are You Free, Strawman?
by Unknown (11/18/2000)
A good overview on how the government 'legally' lays claim to our bodies and labors -- our 'person'. We are registered as collateral for government bonds (i.e. the public debt) and have essentially the rights of a slave. Read on...
Brainwashing - Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics
by L. Ron Hubbard (10/01/1955)
This controversial book's origin is dubious at best. Several different versions have been found published under different names. By all acounts, however, it appears to be written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1955 as Dianetics propoganda. Who's brainwashing whom?
Canadian Court Cases on the Constitutionality of the Income Tax Act
by Paul McKeever (09/01/2000)
There haven't been any recent successes in the Canadian courts with the argument that the Income Tax Act is unconstitutional. Judges consistently uphold the federal government's unrestricted authority to lay any tax by any means.
Choosing The Right Magazine For Your Kalashnikov
by Janne Pohjoispää (06/01/2000)
There is no doubt that the 7.62 mm M43 caliber Kalashnikov assault rifle is the most popular small arm in the world. Since its introduction in 1949, the Kalashnikov assault rifles have performed well in virtually every battlefield around the world, and have gained a reputation for both poor accuracy and exceptional reliability in adverse conditions.
Conservative Liberal or Liberal Conservative?
by Eric Schaub (04/16/2004)
Conservative Liberal or Liberal Conservative?
Doesn't it take 2 wings to fly?
by Eric Schaub (04/16/2004)
CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The classic book in its entirety.
Details of abuse of Executive Orders to legislate
Do You Have A Right to Police Protection?
by Bill (05/12/2000)
One of the basic themes of gun control is that only the police and military should have handguns or any type of firearm. I cannot explain their rationale, other than to say that gun control proponents must believe that the police exist to protect the citizenry from victimization. But in light of court decisions we find such is not the case. You have no right to expect the police to protect you from crime. Incredible as it may seem, the courts have ruled that the police are not obligated to even respond to your calls for help, even in life threatening situations!. To be fair to our men in blue, I think most officers really do want to save lives and stop dangerous situations before people get hurt. But the key point to remember is that they are under no legal obligation to do so.
Does the FBI Consider you a Terrorist?
If you are a 'defender of the Constitution', you fit the profile
Phoenix Federal Bureau of Investigation created this flyer during Clinton's Presidency, asking the recipients to help them fight domestic terrorism. It has been confirmed by many phone calls to the FBI and Phoenix local law enforcement that such publications were being given, by the FBI, to local law enforcement. It was not intended for the general public to know such FBI domestic terrorist definitions. "Defenders of the Constitution" are listed as potential terrorists. Do you fit the domestic terrorist profile?
Elian and the Establishment
by Edward Zehr (05/15/2000)
Essay by Michael Moore:Why doesn't GM sell Crack?
Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World
by Ayn Rand (02/17/1960)
A lecture delivered at Yale University on February 17, 1960, at Brooklyn College on April 4, 1960, and at Columbia University on May 5, 1960.  Published as a pamphlet by the Nathaniel Branden Institute in 1967,  and now included as a chapter in the book, Philosophy: Who Needs It 
Free World Order - Fredom Resource Directory - Canada

Lots of freedom links.
Freedom Law
Freedom Law School
From Their Vaults to Your Desktop
by Russ Kick (06/17/2000)
Finding Documents the Man Wants to Hide
Gerry Spence - Give Me Liberty

One of the great lawyers of our time. Wish there were more like him.
Gun Control: Myths And Realities

The basic premise of the gun control movement, that easy access
to guns causes higher crime, is contradicted by the facts, by
history and by reason.
Harrison Bergeron
by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
This excellent short story was originally published in Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine in 1961. This is one of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s best in my opinion.
I Have A Dream
by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (08/28/1963)
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s most famous "I Have a Dream" speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963.
Important Quotes on Guns, Liberty, Government, Militia & Crime

These collections of important quotes are designed to educate people on the real nature of the gun control debate. These quotes are helpful for debates, research papers, and letters to the editor.
Information on Gun Control
International Driver's Licenses
Just Who Or What Is This "IRS?"
by Devvy Kidd (02/06/2000)
The IRS has never been created by Congress. The IRS remains silient on the official challenge to show what act of Congress created it.
Key Founding Documents of America - An Historic Time-Line
Liberty Free Press

American and Canadian freedom issues. Lots of articles.
Liberty Unbound

Liberty Unbound is the web site for Liberty magazine, the monthly libertarian (classical liberal, or individualist) review of thought, culture and politics.
Lip service to democracy
by Pierre Lemieux (05/08/2001)
The whole process of Summits of the Americas -- the one in Quebec City being the third -- is not only about the project of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). It is also about creating a bicontinental cartel of 34 states to prevent competition among governments and to better control their citizens.
Logan County Jury Acquits Harrell 5/26/00
by Bob Minairk (05/26/2000)
I thought you might enjoy reading about a brave man who took on the income tax fraud head on and was victorious. Many thanks to the Illinois jury who realized that something was not right. You may also want to visit for developments on our discussions with the executive and legislative branches of the federal government regarding the administration of the federal income tax. Thank you, Joe Banister
Making phone calls in a tapped country
by Rob Tuinstra (05/08/2001)
A new device called an "IMSI catcher," switches off cell phone encryption without users knowing it, allowing secret police eavesdropping and location tracing.
Media Bypass

The Uncensored National News. Our Mission:
- To educate Americans with regard to their unalienable rights guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
- To investigate and publish the relevant news that is withheld by the mainstream media.
- To expose and raise public awareness of disinformation and injustices perpetrated by government.
- To advance alternatives and support those working to preserve and restore traditional American values.
Michael Moore

Michael Moore is well-known for getting media attention where the media doesn't go. His TV show 'The Awful Tuth' can be seen on Bravo, Wednesdays @ 10p
Nepali Economy & Policy
by Business Age (09/01/2000)
The IMF helps Nepal 'westernize' their tax system. Take a look at how a small nation is reeled in. There's no reference to the lawfulness of such changes. The tax code is proving to be a maze of inconsistencies but the bottom line is that the labours and properties of Nepalese are fair game -- there are no laws that protect the rights of people in Nepal. Here is a perfect example of how it is being done. Be sure to check out the 'Rights of a Taxpayer' as the IMF sees them.
Our Cry For Liberty
by Gerry Spence (05/16/2000)
From the book "Give Me Liberty"
Patriots On Guard - Canada

Front-line Canadian 'natural person' Fred Kyburz shares his knowledge and experience with standing up to the 'authorities'.
Rights of Man, by Thomas Paine (1792)

To George Washington, President of the United States of America,
SIR, I present you a small treatise in defence of those principles of freedom which your exemplary virtue hath so eminently contributed to establish. That the Rights of Man may become as universal as your benevolence can wish, and that you may enjoy the happiness of seeing the New World regenerate the Old, is the prayer of
SIR, Your much obliged, and Obedient humble Servant,
Ron Paul's Farewell Address to Congress
by Ron Paul (11/14/2012)
"I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out 'the plain truth of things.'  The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY. "

This website works to rebuild America’s broken criminal justice system. was launched with the purchase of O.J. Simpson’s Hall of Fame award and jerseys at auction and burning them on the steps of the L.A. Courthouse.
Sixth Rule
by John Adams (06/01/1788)
John Adams, in this chapter, is reviewing a 1656 work by Marchamont Nedham (1620-1678), titled "The Excellency of a free State, or the right Constitution of a Commonwealth," from which Adams quotes extensively. Notice should be made especially of the last paragraph, in which Adams outlines his views on the two legitimate functions of the right to keep and bear arms, which are for private self-defense, and for enforcing the law as a member of the general militia, under the direction of a democratically elected government (as local as possible). Note also his earlier analysis of the dangers inherent in a democratic tyranny of the majority, and, in passing, an explanation of the ancient origin of the phrase "crossing the Rubicon."
Socioeconomics, Sovereignty, and Freedom
by Sons of Liberty (06/01/1996)
The Sons of Liberty have documented 300+ years long continuous, activist advocacy, through several changes of names and tactics but direct, unbroken and continuous nevertheless, of what is today called communism, though undoubtedly not for much longer: in the last 30 years they have changed the label they use three times! It appears to be in the middle of yet another name and tactic metamorphosis right now. Don't let them fool you.
Sorry, Mr. Franklin, “We’re All Democrats Now”
by Ron Paul (01/29/2003)
At the close of the Constitutional Conventional in 1787, Benjamin Franklin told an inquisitive citizen that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention gave the people “a Republic, if you can keep it.” We should apologize to Mr. Franklin. It is obvious that the Republic is gone, for we are wallowing in a pure democracy against which the Founders had strongly warned... (Speech before House of Representatives, Jan 29, 2003)
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