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'Sir Daniel' going to jail
by Les Perreaux (08/28/2001)
A self-styled knight of Christian orders who cited the King James Bible as authority for his tax evasion was sentenced yesterday to five years, eight months in prison and ordered to pay the $2.4-million he owes the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
Beware Of The Global Prosperity Group

An 'exposé' on Global Prosperity Group; however, the article comes across as fanatical as they make Global out to be. Either way, it is the untold story about this organization. Contains transripts of original 'Gateway to Financial Freedom' tapes.
Cambridge Trust

Granada Bank and Trust - Offers High Yield CDs - Good IBC Q & A
Credit Reports Online

View your current credit report online within seconds. Check out the sample reports and you'll be amazed how much information is tracked. Only $7.95.
Find an Offshore Location (Carribean)
Glossary of Offshore A - N
by Offshore Institute (05/16/2000)
Complete source of Offshore terms
How Can You Benefit From Going Offshore?
by Robert Smith (05/15/2000)
If you are a U.S. citizen, be aware that most Americans who go offshore for fully "legal" reasons and do so in order to get their assets away from the jurisdiction of potential litigants.
Information on Belize
Information on Costa Rica
Information on the Bahamas
Information WorldWide
International Chamber of Commerce
IRS - Criminal Investigation Division

Our Mission: In support of the overall IRS Mission, Criminal Investigation serves the American public by investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.
IRS Charges Five with Tax Fraud
Global Prosperity Group Founder, David Struckman, Finally Arrested
by Puget Sound Business Journal (05/13/2004)
David Struckman, the founder of Global Prosperity Group has finally been arrested for promoting bogus tax and investment schemes.
More Ways To Protect Your Assets
by Jim Bennett (05/17/2000)
Your offshore asset protection plan should rely on countries where the philosophy is, "You deserve to keep your money unless someone can show an extraordinarily good reason to take it from you."
Offshore Corporate Services

Great site with a great intoduction to the issues of offshore. Books, tapes and newsletter.
Offshore Glossary of Terms
Offshore Incorporations: Offshore Banking - Residency, Investments, Expatriate News
Offshore Investment Debunker

Full of disinformation
Offshore Investment Magazine

The leading financial and professional journal dedicated specifically to the offshore world. Find out more about Offshore Investment and the people behind it, with profiles of our regular columnists and advertising opportunities.
Offshore & Privacy Secrets
June 28, 2000
by Robert Smith (06/28/2000)
SEC Rules and Regulations
by E Schaub (07/04/2000)
Text of the federal securities laws and their accompanying rules and forms.
The Aware Group

Recipients of The 1998 Defenders of American Sovereignty Award. A site with lots of resources for the freedom-minded.
The Complete Privacy Protection Guide
by The AWARE Group (09/18/2000)
The material included within this guide contains everything you need to understand Domestic and OffShore trusts, IBC's and OffShore Banking, so that you will have:
- A practical way to protect your assets from abusive lawsuits;
- A practical way to shrink the burden of income and estate taxes; and
- A practical way to safeguard your family's financial privacy.
There's no place to hide
by Jonathan Chevreau (05/05/2001)
Offshore banking isn't illegal, but keeping it secret from the taxman is.
Trusts and the Untrustworthy: Patriots for Profit, by Mark Pitcavage, Ph.D.

This report is about the "pure trust" scam, which has migrated to--and flourished on--the Internet. "Pure trust" schemes are those in which people are convinced to place all of their assets into a number of trusts of dubious legitimacy in order to hide their assets from creditors and tax collectors. This report explains the primary targets of the scam, the nature of the "product" offered, the pitch the scammers use, the true status of such trusts and the consequences for those people who actually purchase "pure trusts." It also describes other, related scams and frauds that are similar to are aimed at a similar audience, and offers a few suggestions as to ways to help solve the problem.
Where is Everyone Going?
by ? (05/16/2000)
What is an Expatriate ? Why Do People Expatriate? What are the Benefits? Is it Illegal? What Does it Mean to Become an Expatriate?
Why Do Investors Go "Offshore
by ? (05/15/2000)
As long as there has been money, people have wondered how to keep it. And the more money, the more urgent the question.
World Newsstand

Alternative news source. Lots of articles and links to other e-zines on Freedom.
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