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20 Questions
A look at the consequences of the wrong international structure
by Marquis Circle (05/12/2000)
20 Questions to help set up Offshore Trusts, IBCs, Visa Cards and Bank Accounts to achive maximum privacy and security.
Answers about Pure Trusts
The greatest secret of the ultra rich for avoiding the hated income tax is A PURE TRUST, more commonly known as a "contractual agreement."
Belizean Trust FAQ
Artical about Belizean Trust Law and FAQ on Belizean Trusts
Fraudulent Foreign and Domestic Trusts
by IRS (07/03/2000)
Establishing a foreign or domestic trust for the purpose of hiding income and assets from taxation is illegal. Abusive Trust Schemes typically involve the creation of one or more trusts into which the taxpayer transfers his or her personal and/or business assets and to which the taxpayer assigns his or her income. The taxpayer, the promoter, or someone who will allow the taxpayer in reality to control the activities of the trust is then assigned as the trustee.
History of the Pure Trust
by ? (05/15/2000)
The PURE TRUST has been traced back as far as Plato. There is some evidence that Trusts might have been used in the Roman Empire as early as 800 BC. Trusts were utilized in Britain at that time in history and still are in use today
IRS - Criminal Investigation Division

Our Mission: In support of the overall IRS Mission, Criminal Investigation serves the American public by investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.
Offshore FAQ
by Jim Bennett (05/15/2000)
1."I'm far from ultra-rich. Is an offshore asset protection plan right for me?" 2."Can't I just wait until I'm sued to deal with this?"
Summary of Abusive Trust Schemes
by IRS -Criminal Investigation Division (04/15/2000)
In the last few years the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (CI) has detected a proliferation of abusive trust tax evasion schemes. Currently, there are two prevalent fraudulent schemes being promoted: the “domestic scheme” and the “foreign scheme.” The domestic scheme involves a series of trusts that are formed in the U.S., while the foreign trust scheme is formed offshore and outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. The trusts involved in the schemes, either foreign or domestic, are vertically layered with each trust distributing income to the next layer. The result of this layered distribution of income is to fraudulently reduce taxable income to nominal amounts. Although these schemes give the appearance of the separation of responsibility and control from the benefits of ownership, these schemes are in fact controlled and directed by the taxpayer.
The Complete Privacy Protection Guide
by The AWARE Group (09/18/2000)
The material included within this guide contains everything you need to understand Domestic and OffShore trusts, IBC's and OffShore Banking, so that you will have:
- A practical way to protect your assets from abusive lawsuits;
- A practical way to shrink the burden of income and estate taxes; and
- A practical way to safeguard your family's financial privacy.
The IRS on Trusts
by IRS (05/09/2000)
The IRS gives us a conficting view on why and how we should and should not use trusts. Playing on fear and lack of knowledge of how trusts and the law works.
The Power of Offshore Trusts
by OPC (05/14/2000)
One of the easiest traps to fall into - when deciding how to structure yourself offshore - is to want to own and control the entities so set up.
Trusts and the Untrustworthy
"Pure Trusts" and "Patriots for Profit"
by Mark Pitcavage, Ph.D. (04/07/1999)
This report is the "pure trust" scam, which has migrated to -- and flourished on -- the Internet. "Pure trust" schemes are those in which people are convinced to place all of their assets into a number of trusts of dubious legitimacy in order to hide their assets from creditors and tax collectors. This report explains the primary targets of the scam, the nature of the "product" offered, the pitch the scammers use, the true status of such trusts and the consequences for those people who actually purchase "pure trusts." It also describes other, related scams and frauds that are similar to are aimed at a similar audience, and offers a few suggestions as to ways to help solve the problem.
Unincorporated Business Trust Organization Part 1
by Dr. Joe Sweet, M.Div., D.M.Th. (05/09/2000)
Essay on the international, sovereign, pure, private, non-statutory, non-associated unincorporated business trust organization (UBTO)
Unincorporated Business Trust Organization Part 2
An individual does not own, nor control, nor benefit from the assets of the UBTO; as an individual he becomes, lives and dies a Pauper, but with the blessings of his family!
Ways to Protect Your Assets
by Jim Bennett (05/09/2000)
Eleven requirements of a powerful, effective asset protection plan. Seven secrets of choosing the country best able to protect your assets.
by IFC (05/09/2000)
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