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Direcway in the Middle East
Direcway 2-Way Satellite Internet
Direcway Satellite Internet service is now available in the MIddle East. High-speed internet via satellite dish is 10 times faster than dial-up. Available in Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and other select countries in the MIddle East.
Direcway Installers
Installers of Direcway Installations
Need a Direcway Satellite Internet Installation? We'll find the installer in your area. Direcway installed and serviced by Direcway professionals.
Direcway / HughesNet DW7000 Airtime Pricing
Americas & Caribbean
Direcway / HughesNet DW7000 airtime pricing for the Americas and the Caribbean
How to Make a Wi-Fi Antenna
Simple 2.425GHz Helical Aerial Antenna for Wireless (WiFi) ISM Band Devices
by Jason Hecker (01/01/2003)
Instructions for making your own wireless (WiFi) antenna.
iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet - iNetVu
iNetVu High-Speed Internet from virutally ANYWHERE!
iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet is a reliable way to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere. InetVu mobile satellite solutions include emergency response vehicles, recreational vehicles (RV's), trade shows, research vehicles in the field, and more. iNetVu mobile satellite delivers high-speed internet so wherever you are, there you go!
Netopia R7100-C Back-to-Back
Process Design
Development of peak-performance business processes
by Eric Schaub (10/21/2003)
TELEMANAGE has been helping companies map their business processes and refine them. By taking a wholistic approach, we aim to integrate all aspects of your business seemlessly.
Roatan Internet
DSL, Fiber Optic, Wireless, Satellite, and Telephone Services
Roatan high-speed internet is here! Roatan DSL, fiber optics, wireless, satellite, and voice solutions. Roatan's most reliable internet services.
Telemanage WiFi
Wireless Internet in Belize
Wireless Internet service is now available in Belize. Corozal, San Pedro, Cayo, and other remote locations. Products offers a host of products for the 'TeleWorkplace'. From the hardware that powers telecommunications to the software that makes it work for you, our products will make and/or save our clients money while empowering the workforce that is so vital to success. Services customizes solutions for peak performance in a dynamic and ever-expanding workplace. Yes, we build web sites, private and public, but our specialty is Process Design and IT Integration. Taking a holistic approach to organizational management, we promote the life and health of the company as well as the bottom-line.
Voice-over-IP (VOIP)
Long Distance Calling via your Internet Connection
by Eric Schaub (06/13/2004)
Making long distance telephone calls over the Internet is rapidly becoming the preferred method for voice telecommunications-- especially when living abroad and calling home. Voice-over-IP (VOIP) and other solutions offer a range of services suited to your connection and target countries. Whether your Internet connection is via cable, DSL, satellite, or dial-up -- there are solutions for everyone.
Wi-Fi Antennae
Radiolabs offers a wide range of WiFi antennae, cables, and connectors.
WiFi Networks
Wireless Internet Solutions
WiFi networks and wireless 'hotspots' are cropping up everywhere. Is this the future of the Internet?
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