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Can the U.S. Return to a Gold Standard?
by Alan Greenspan (09/01/1981)
Can a leopard change his spots...? Following is a verbatim article published in the Wall Street Journal on September 1, 1981. Its author is Alan Greenspan, who at the time was a partner in Townsend-Greenspan & Co. - an economic consulting firm. It is relevant and very significant to also know that Greenspan was the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors from 1974 to 1977, a period witnessing dramatic changes in the price of gold.
Gold and Economic Freedom
by Alan Greenspan (05/16/2000)
Alan Greenspan circa 1967 before he became a puppet of the Federal Reserve.
Greenspan: Still Going for the Gold
by Judy Shelton (05/15/1997)
If patience is a virtue, Alan Greenspan is a saint. For more than three decades he has endeavored to guide the nation toward sound money -- first as a radical intellectual, then as an business economist and presidential adviser, and currently as chairman of Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. His critics on the left seem unable to comprehend the destructive consequences of irresponsible fiscal policy and accommodative monetary policy. His critics on the right simply cannot appreciate the long-term perspective of Greenspan, a man who argued powerfully in the 1960s that "gold and economic freedom are inseparable" and who has steadfastly, albeit slowly, continued to pursue the realization of his intellectual ideals in the economic sphere. Arbitrary and capricious, he is not.
Sorry, Mr. Franklin, “We’re All Democrats Now”
by Ron Paul (01/29/2003)
At the close of the Constitutional Conventional in 1787, Benjamin Franklin told an inquisitive citizen that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention gave the people “a Republic, if you can keep it.” We should apologize to Mr. Franklin. It is obvious that the Republic is gone, for we are wallowing in a pure democracy against which the Founders had strongly warned... (Speech before House of Representatives, Jan 29, 2003)
The Coinage Act of 1792
by United States Congress (04/02/1792)
Still in effect today, the Coinage Act of 1792 establishes the rules for regulating the coins of the United States of America as per the US Constitution. Interesting to note, debasing the currency by any officer of the government is punishable by death.
The Oncoming Monetary Collapse
by Lawrence M. Parks (07/12/1998)
If the notion of a small group of private companies creating $900 billion out of nothing is confusing to you, it is only because the concept is so blatantly outrageous. By the way, they don't call it creating money. They use jargon to confuse you. They call it "fractional reserve lending."
Whither Gold? Part 1
by Antal E. Fekete (10/29/1996)
A indepth history of the use of Gold as a holder true vaule and the manipulation of Gold by bankers as our Consitutional currency.
Whither Gold? Part 2
by Antal E. Fekete (10/29/1996)
Whither Gold? Part 3
by Antal E. Fekete (10/29/1996)
Why Gold-Backed Currencies Help Prevent Wars
by Ferdinand Lips (08/30/2002)
Swiss Banker Tells How Gold-Backed Currency Hinders Wars
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