Direcway 2-Way Internet Satellite Pricing (Archive)
for DW6000, DW4000, DW4020 & iNetVu
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Monthly Airtime - Americas For European, Middle Eastern or Asian airtime prices, click here.

Monthly airtime charges for Direcway 2-Way Internet Satellite Service, Business Edition:
(All prices in US Dollars)

DW6000 (Fixed or iNetVu Mobile)
Direcway DW6000 Residential: $69.99
Direcway DW6000 Back Office: $89.99
Direcway DW6000 Small Office: $99.99
Direcway DW6000 Business Internet: $129.99
Additional 4 fixed IP addresses: $50

DW4000 (Fixed or iNetVu Mobile)
Direcway Business Basic - DW4000: $89.95
Direcway Business Basic - DW4000 w/ 1 IP: $104.95
Direcway Business Plus - DW4000: $179.50
Direcway Business Plus - DW4000 w/ 1 IP: $194.95

DW4020 (Fixed or iNetVu Mobile)
Direcway DW4020 Back Office: $89.99
Direcway DW4020 Small Office: $99.99
Direcway DW4020 Business Internet: $129.99 (256K upload with 1.2m dish or larger)
Additional 4 fixed IP addresses: $50

Other Monthly Options
Fixed IP address
Voice over IP -- 3rd party solutions

Direcway Satellite Dishes (Earth Stations) -- Americas:
For European, Middle Eastern or Asian services, click here.

(All prices in US Dollars -- shipping and installation not included)

International Prices -- outside US and Canada
(Please note that Direcway prohibits the use of US-only systems outside of the US.)

DW6000 - ** Must be activated by us within 30 days of purchase or else add $425
DW6000 - .74m System $899
DW6000 - .98m System $999
DW6000 - 1.2m System $1,299
DW6000 - 1.8m Dual Polarity $2,799
DW6000 - Modem only $649

DW4000 - .74m System $1,199
DW4000 - 1.2m System $1,599
DW4000 - 1.8m C-Com Dual Polarity $2,499

DW4020 - .74m System $1,399
DW4020 - .98m System $1,599
DW4020 - 1.2m C-COM Dual Polarities $2,399
DW4020 - 1.2m Hughes System $1,999
DW4020 - 1.8m C-COM Dual Polarities $3,499
DW4020 - Hub only $849

iNetVu Mobile System <-- Call us for a discount!
iNetVu DW4000/DW6000 .74m $5,999
iNetVu DW4000/DW6000 .95m $9,099
iNetVu DW4000/DW6000 1.2m $11,599
iNetVu DW4020 .74m $6,799
iNetVu DW4020 .95m $9,699
iNetVu DW4020 1.2m $12,399
iNetVu Navigator with System Sale $349
iNetVu Navigator Stand Alone $549
Optional Power Supply 110/220 Volts $175

Other Costs and Options:
Installation and configuration of DW6000/4000/4020 $600 -- extra travel expenses may apply to remote locations
Installation and configuration of iNetVu Moblie -- call for quote
Build concrete mount for 1.2 meter dish $500
Build concrete mount for 1.8 meter dish $600
Configure a Local Area Network (LAN) $50
Upgrade Windows to latest service pack and latest security updates $25 per PC
Virus eradication and virus protection/firewall configuration $50 per PC
Upgrade charge for any changes to service/monthly $75
Activation Fee (One-Time Only) $75
Suspension & Reactivation Fee for Seasonal Use $75


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